XP Rewards and Spending

XP Rewards

-Gain 1 XP any time an FP is gained through character actions (i.e. as the result of accepting a compel but not as the result of a Refresh).
-Gain 1 XP whenever a natural +5 or -5 is rolled.
-Gain 1 XP whenever your character takes an Extreme Consequence in any Stress track.
-Gain 1 XP for achieving any of your characters Aspirations.
-Gain 1 XP by voluntarily taking a die result of -5 on any normally successful roll (limit once per session).
-Gain 1 XP for taking control of/roleplaying as any NPC for at least 1 scene/combat encounter.
-Gain 1 XP for attending the game session.

XP Costs

Increase Ability – 15 XP
New Character Aspect – 10 XP
Raise Refresh Rate – 10 XP
Raise Ability Cap – 5 XP
New Specialty Aspect – 5 XP
New Advantage – 3 XP per AP

XP Rewards and Spending

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