Class and Battlerank


Each student who passes the Trial of Bonding must participate in the Placement Examination.  The Placement Examination is a series of physical and mental tests designed to ascertain in which Class a new student is best placed.

Based on the results of the examination, students are placed in one of the following Classes:  S, A, B, C, D, or F.  

S is the highest class – reserved for only true geniuses and the stupendously skilled.  No incoming student has ever placed in Class S – though it is theoretically possible.  Only the top 9 students in Class S are ranked.

A is the second highest class.  Gifted, hard working individuals with a degree of inborn talent usually find themselves in Class A.  Class A students are highly uncommon but not nearly as rare as Class S.  The top 13 students in Class A are Ranked.

B is the class for those with uncommon strength or talent or merely very hard workers.  Class B students are dependable in most circumstances and only a little more uncommon than Class C.  The top 13 students in Class B are Ranked.

C is the class for the every-man.  Class C is where most students of any real value plateau.  Most graduate level students have achieved this rank by the time they leave the school.  The top 13 students in Class C are Ranked.

D is often referred to as "Developing."  Class D students are below average in strength, ability, or pure experience.  Many are merely in a developmental stage and will grow more powerful and out of Class D in time.  The top 13 students in Class D are ranked.

Class F is most often referred to as "Freshmeat," or "Flunkies."  Members of this class are either very new (and possess no particular genius for becoming a Keymaster) or are severely below average in potential and power (in the case of those who can't seem to climb out of Class F).  The top 13 students in Class F are ranked.  The bottom 13 hold a special, unofficial distinction as well, as being "The Worst."

Ranked Positions

The top X number of students within a given Class are considered Ranked.  Basically, whoever has the highest number of accrued Battlepoints in a given Class hold the Ranks.  Rankers (as they're called) hold special privileges (detailed elsewhere).


Each time a student participates in an exam, field test, or other school challenge/event they may gain Battlepoints or BP.  Battlepoints may be wagered freely between students in Challenge Matches.  Incoming students begin with 0 BP at the bottom of the Class they've been placed in after their Placement Examination.

Class and Battlerank

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